*2017: Be mine forever
details to come!*

Oakland Community Theater is Proud to Present for 2016

“The Ghost of Mystery Manor”

Is there a ghost at Mystery Manor? The Garden Club of Oakland seems to think so, as does intrepid

newspaper reporter Melissa Slander. Will she be able to get to the bottom of the story by visiting

Mystery Manor and its current owner, Morris Prosper? Interviews with the family, staff and neighbors

should put the rumors to rest, or prove that old Mr. Mystery and his wife Clare roam the hallways at


Mayor Atlas Welcomall will do just about anything to squash the stories, even employ the skills of

Charlie the local stool-warming drunk at the Tavern. Will the town of Oakland survive this turmoil of

rumors and sightings? Will Modesty ever get to marry her beau Dudley Doesalot?

Join us to find answers to these spooky questions and have fun on the journey!

Boo…Hiss…Cheer…Ahhhh – Share the gamut of emotions with our characters and the audience!