The Villain’s Secret or How the Egg Almost Spoiled Christmas (2018)

An unsuspecting innocent young woman has purchased an egg as a gift for a little orphan girl, however before it can be wrapped it seems to garner a lot of attention from two very mysterious, shady people.  Lilly doesn’t want to part with the egg, but what will happen if she doesn’t?

Will it all work out in the end and will everyone be happy…will Lilly find the man of her dreams…and how about Aunt Laura?  Will Rex Robust sell an insurance policy under the supervision of Percy Pencilpoint?

Will Vanya Vandalgrabber return to Russia triumphant and will Sylvester S. Stoneheart get what he is hoping for?

Find the answers to these questions and really great hot, buttered popcorn at the following performances:

June 15, 16, 22, 23 at 7 pm

June 17 & 22 at 2 pm

Boo…Hiss…Cheer…Ahhhh – Share the gamut of emotions with our characters and the audience!