Shoot Out at Sadie’s Saloon (2013)

oakland poster2013 revised copy (2)

Who will get Sadie’s Saloon, the awful, despicable Dirk Devious or the ladies of the Temperance Committee. Since the stage line left Oakland, business has been dreadful and Sadie doesn’t know how much longer she can stay open.

She would never sell to Devious remembering her dear departed father’s last words, “Mind your manners, mind your business, mind the saloon and whatever you do don’t sell out to Dirk Devious.” The going gets tough, but she has her sister Sally to help, along with Sheriff Jake Jones and cowboy Clint Westwood.

But the pressure mounts as Hazel Hoochater, Prudence Purewater, Providence Proctor and Hester Hasbean keep campaigning to close the “den of iniquity.”

Is there happiness in Sadie and Sally’s future?

oakland poster2013 revised copy